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Get to know the events and personalities that influenced the course of aviation history.

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Documents with significant data, facts, and statistics about aviation in the world. Data about air transport, aviation safety, and commercial aviation market are included among other.

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Get to know surprising developments of aviation industry, ambitious projects that were never completed, canceled developments and other interesting aircrafts and developments since the beginning of aviation to the present.

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Get to know the most amazing airport facilities in the world for their locations, structures, dangers, stories, among other surprising details.

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Selection of the best tools and apps for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

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Explanation and causes of some of the most important aviation accidents, including all recommendations and lessons that stemmed in the wake of them, as a resource for pilots to improve their capabilities of recognizing risk factors in flights and avoiding mistakes that had already been made.

Aviation Industry News

Summaries of the most relevant aviation industry news in the world.

17/12/2014: Continuity of the Airbus A380 project is in doubt

06/08/2014: The Airbus A350 XWB, whose first delivery will be in December, is now in the final stage of testings to be certified

21/03/2014: The sale of Beechcraft Corporation has been completed and now Textron Aviation owns the Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker brands

24/11/2013: Boeing launched the 777X and already has 259 orders


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In mid 2015 LagAd - Aviation will open a site to let the whole aviation community around the world share flight experiences, publish aviation articles, clear up doubts and acquire knowledge by asking questions, and create debates. You will easily be able to create an account to be a part of this upcoming aviation community. To guarantee a quality site, members who damage the order or provide irrelevant content to aviation will be eliminated.

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In mid 2015 it is planned to inaugurate LagAd - Virtual Airlines, which goal is to become the global flag carrier virtual airline par excellence, with HUBs strategically located around the world. That way, it would become possible the coverage of any destination and, in addition, will permit the incorporation of pilots from anywhere of the world. It is being developed a functional system that provides pilots great experiences; that fosters internal competition, dialogue and cooperation among the crew; and that ensures the possibility of being promoted at the company. Pilots will also be allowed to reach positions where they can make decisions and manage certain operations of the company.

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